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Mission of the Tulare Medical Reserve Corps

The mission of the Tulare Medical Reserve Corps is to recruit, organize, train, deploy, and retain volunteer medical and health professionals, and other non-medical residents, who willingly contribute their time, skills and expertise to prepare for and respond to threats of terrorism, public health emergencies, and other community health needs.


Why Should I Become a Tulare Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer?

Research has shown that people who volunteer have fewer chronic diseases, improved emotional health and live up to 5 years longer than those who do not voulnteer. To learn more about volunteering with the Tulare Medical Reserce Corps (more)

Benefits to Community and Public Health

Major local emergencies can overwhelm the capability of hospitals, first responders, emergency medical services and local government, especially during the first 12-72 hours.  Having citizens who are prepared and organized to take care of themselves, their families and others during times of crisis will allow first-responders to focus their efforts on the most critical, life threatening situations. 

An organized, well trained Medical Reserve Corps unit means that volunteers can effectively respond to an emergency, be familiar with their community’s response plans, know what materials are available for their use, know their response partners, and know where their skills can be utilized to their best advantage and in a coordinated manner.

An Organized Team Approach

During an emergency, communities will activate their local Emergency Operations Plans (EOP’s).  These plans delineate how emergency personnel (fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services) will respond to and manage the emergency.

By creating a Medical Reserve Corps unit that is linked to emergency management, the members of the Tulare Medical Reserve Corps can truly benefit the community by knowing what their role is during an emergency, how they fit into the emergency plan, and how best to respond so that they are a positive support group for first responders, health care organizations and government agencies.


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